The member companies of EEDADP cover a wide range of business activities in the field of loan servicing. According to the current institutional framework, the members of the Association can provide any of the following services:

  • Undertake the management of receivables from loans and credit (up to date and not up to date) and carry out all necessary servicing operations
  • Legal and accounting monitoring of receivables
  • Conduct negotiations for the repayment of debts
  •  Reach agreements on debt compromise, restructuring and settlements
  • Manage properties that were real collateral on claims assigned to be serviced
  • Grant loans and credit to debtors, with the aim of refinancing their loans or to restructure businesses, provided that a relevant license has been obtained from the Bank of Greece
  •  Undertake the servicing of claims from electricity suppliers


EEDADP plans and develops the organization of educational conferences to offer value-added services to its member companies.

In our ever-changing market environment, there is a vital and ongoing need for executive training,  on matters related to the legislative and regulatory framework, and also, on training issues that promote the proper functioning of servicer companies and relate to their business needs.

Based on the above, EEDADP intends to organize, in collaboration with recognized bodies, training workshops and seminars for its members on topics of common interest.